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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 30, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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remind me to do that. >> it has to be done. otherwise justin says you will have soggy seats. >> and i would blame just in. >> be honest recall charlie will you put the top up. >> that was it. it is. >> he loves it when it's. >> it's convertible prius my friend. >> yeah, okay. we have got ourselves a look at a big storm on the way. that's what we are talking about here. whatever you're commuting plans may be plan for wet weather. rain is moving into the western section and will get heavier this afternoon. especially tonight, the thunderstorms could make daybreak tomorrow. wind up to 40 miles per hour and behind the storm turning colder with flurries in the outlook. a flash flood watch for most maryland. harford, baltimore anne arundel and carroll county and points westbound cling dc and purple trading around the chesapeake is a gale warning for winds over 35 knots affected -- expected tomorrow morning. here's maryland most powerful doppler radar and five sweeps across the chesapeake. we have a look at the wet
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weather. as close as westminster. looks like some wet weather is pushing in on mount airy and i-70 will be a wet trip. it will move in around beltway. 46 in dundalk and a high temperature pushing into the upper 50s. more on that coming. right now here's kim brown to let you know what's going on around town. >> reporter: thanks. we know how unpolice ann the rain can make the commute in the morning. you might want to get up and get it while the getting is good look at anne arundel county. traffic moving well in both directions. road are dry in the immediate baltimore metro. so keep that in mind. also incidents are fairly clear. looking at the maps, some earlier debris on the roadway, 95 southbound, was blocking right lane past beltway. that has been cleared. an earlier truck fire on the inner loop lanes in dundalk at cove roadblocks the shoulder and traffic is able to get by. now back to you. >> we are a minute after six. 47 degrees right now. if you are without a job, you know how stressful it is.
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unemployment benefits helped but they could run out today. so many of you are wondering now what? sherrie johnson is live with what happens now. >> reporter: it's stressful time. the holidays are here and two million americans are without a job and facing tough times. yesterday, a number of people gathered that are unemployed to plead with congress to take emergency action because today unemployment benefits are up. the benefits exspire for 800,000 americans and by the end of the year, for more than 2 million more. the cost of extending the ben tits is a big issue. an estimated 319 billion dollars over the past three years. earlier this month, the house failed to pass a 12.5 billion dollar bill that would have given the unemployed three months to file for extend jobless benefits. this means major problems for the unemployed. >> a lot of people in a real sense will lose their homes, they can't afford food, and
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they are going to get the utilities shut off and facing disaster. >> reporter: democrats proposed a bill to extend benefits but it will likely face opization from the republicans. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson. federal employees get big benefits and we hear all about them. one of those will be going away for two years. president obama yesterday announced a pay freeze for civilian government employees but the military is not going to be affected by this. the president says the two-year freeze would save five billion dollars and slowly cheep away at a national debt. he says the sacrifice of limiting government spending must be shared and we caught up with feds getting off the train at penf station to hear what they thought. >> one of the benefits of getting a government job was one of the perks was getting a reerl raise. >> i rather have a pay freeze than no job or have to be
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forced to have furlough days. >> the congress must approve the pay freeze before it's effective. the future of maryland racing including the preakness is in jeopardy. last night, the maryland racing commission said no way to a business plan proposed by the maryland jockey club. this vote was unanimous. 8 to 0. the business plan only calls for 17 days of racing at laurel park and another 30 days the pimlico surrounding the preakness. the full house of the commission meeting and at the clubhouse in laurel park emotion are running high for many in the crowd. plan presented by mi developments and penn national gaming which jointly owns the maryland jockey club was said to be temporary. >> we are committed to raising maryland but not under the current model. we want to fix the model and we want to sit down with all the stake holders and help us correct the model. we can't continue to lose money.
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>> commissioners said they have had enough time to come up with a plan and all agree 47 days of racing about a third of the schedule this year would practically kill the industry and put people out of work. >> i think you've had enough time to breath life into your plan. and he think it's inconsciousable you are showing up without a bona fied year-round racing plan for maryland racing. because you are taking the lifeblood out of our racing. >> the group could resubmit a plan or appeal the commissioner's decision. until there is one, maryland's two major horse tracks may not have live racing next year. 30 years not enough. city corps judge rejected the deal by stephen nelson who is accused of throwing his 3-year-old son off a bridge on superbowl sunday in 2008. he and his lawyer wanted second degree instead of first-degree murder charges which would send nelson to prison for 30 years. however judge russell told them to come back and see judge
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peters. police say nelson confessed to the killing. police continue to investigate the murder of a homeless man. someone walk through the woods along route 198 found the body of a hispanic man apparently dead from blunt force trauma to the head. the body was found at makeshift homeless camp several feet back in the woods. anyone with any information is asked to call the local police. six minutes after six. first they were smooching and then robbing. police say they saw enough from a security camera and made two arrests in a saturday morning robbery of a toys r us store at security square mall. the store manager and her boyfriend are the ones charged on saturday morning. she reported a robbery but while reviewing the store videotape, police say that the 34-year-old walked out of the store with the man and reentered the store and reportedly robbed it. makeey and her boyfriend matthew wells are charged with grand theft. howard county police are asking for your help to identify two men who may have stolen
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more than 90,000 dollars using an a to tm scammer. look at this. police say they are look for these men who installed the scammer on an atm in ellicott city. they used it on the drive-through atm at columbia bank on longgate parkway. the skimming device record account information without the knowledge of the user. but they down load the information and withdrawal fund from the victim's accounts. call police if you can help. seven minutes after six. harford county controversial elementary school redistricting plan is now in the hands of the school board. the head of the committee that developed the plan presented it to the board last night. every elementary school in harford county would either gain or lose students. many parents say, they don't want to move. school officials say, it has to happen. >> in order to achieve a balance in the schools as far as enrollment is concerned. you have to travel and move
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kids. >> i was overblown by the emotion and the fact that we just moved to our house 17 months ago and we chose to live here for this school system. >> the school board is expected to vote on that redistricting plan in late february. time is 6:08. it was cable television sensation that introduceed many audiences to the harsher side of baltimore. >> a local teacher is using "the wire" to educate students about the city's problem. from canine to fruit toking aeries -- allergies are coming to many of glues how changes to the weight watchers point program may change what's good to eat. but first new york with look at the latest business news happening today. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with more evidence americans are ready to spend again. online sales surged on cyber monday rising an estimated 20% from last year. more than 100 million people
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went shopping on line capping a 5-day spending spree raising hopes this will be the best holiday season in four years. the government is close to breaking even on the 700 billion dollar financial bailout a estimate predicts taxpayers will now recoup all but 25 billion dollars used to rescue financial companies and automakers. toyota says it will fix about 650,000 prius because of a problem with the coolant pump that found in cars from model years 04 through 07. and a rare pink diamond has sold at auction for more than 23 million dollars. the more than 14 carat diamond named perfect pink went to an anonymous buyer. that's the money scope report. i am rob nelson.
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it's class centered around life in baltimore but has never been taught until now. >> the wire made its way into local classroom and is getting big response. jo kr-6789 e sterman takes us into the class to see how the hopkins class what they are thinking about the show and is it helping students find a way to fix baltimore's problems. >> reporter: it's the hit show that brought the mean streets of baltimore to the screen for better or worse. >> definitely "the wire "is a harsh view. >> reporter: a view that doesn't hold back when it comes to highlighting the complications of life in the city. and it's rivetting to tv to say the least. >> last summer i watched all 60 episodes in a three week period where my wife told me to go to bed and stop watching until three in the morning. >> who are the groups today. >> reporter: the doctor was not glued to the tv because his former role as city health commission gets screen tune time. he thought it it could be the show fuss of of a class in the
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thick of the life at john hopkins. >> i didn't want just the specifics of the wire to be hardened in their mind as this is all that baltimore is. >> reporter: so he is using the show as platform to show the college kids what baltimore is all about. he brought the players behind the characters to class to bring the tv stories into real focus. going far beyond the plot lines from hbo. >> i got a lot of remarks of wow, it's so easy to watch tv instead of doing reading and it's not because it's following the story knowing what course responds to what. >> reporter: intensities comes from talking about tough issues like drugs and homelessness things they have seen outside the safety of campus. it's not just for learning about baltimore's problems because the doctor wants who hear solution and they are giving them. presenting new ways to deal with the city's challenges. >> you have to lower the taxes on small business. >> reporter: on this day as the final exam, they are standing before the classmates giving their take on restoring the charm of charm city.
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>> aid little bit daunting especially for freshmen and sophomores. but one of the by aspects is we are trying to do something about it rather than learning about what's going on and saying well, there's nothing you can do. we are trying to do something. >> reporter: they are walking a thin line between reality and really good tv. using "the wire" as a way to change the city for the better. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> this is the first smefter he taught class and had nearly 100% attendance and had to turn stewed antes way because there's high demand for the class. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 6:146789 we are looking at most powerful doppler radar and five complete sweeps across the chesapeake a few sprinkles showing up arounded beltway but the rain push did - around the beltway but the rain pushing and approaching manchester. frederick county and beyond as well.
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we will pull back wider to show you when you see the greens and yellow shadeings, that's where we have the heaviest rain on the other side of the mountains and we expect to have that stuff to continue to build in the vicinity. the extent of the local radar takes us back into west virginia. but there's much more where that came from. current temperatures are in the mid-40s right now. bel air, elkton and dundalk and millersville back to 46. and we expect this wind to be a madge factor today. there's gale warnings on the chesapeake. watch the arrows. orange and red shadeings indicating winds over 20 miles per hour. and the wind will increase heading through tomorrow morning. this is actually midday tomorrow. and this is where we expect to have the 30 to 40-mile-per-hour winds especially on the eastern shore. there's the front. watch the wind shift and that's billing in the colder air and take the rain out tomorrow afternoon. here's how it sets up this morning. rain moves in. it extends back into the mount apes the other side. as we continue to filter in the strong wend out of south and southeast and rain coming from
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the southwest. part of the frontal bondry that extends down across the deep south, now area of low pressure extends basically from the great lakes that we watch that extend all the way down to the deep south. a cold front will actually really build in our direction and enhance the rainfall on the order of two to three inches. and flooding to be expected into the mountains and into central maryland. on the other side a little snow breaking out and a hint of the cold air that flows in behind the frontal bondry. but there was severe weather there yesterday. 8 tornadoes reports in the deep south. a lot of energy with the temperature contrast. we are 47 and look at montgomery. alabama at 68 degrees this morning. and then you head back towards st. louis at 36 degrees. and there's the sharp temperature contrast feeding into the developing system. and that's why the rain that moves in will help to increase our temperatures overnight through daybreak tomorrow. we could have a strong thunderstorm and a little ripple of low pressure along the front could enhance the rain through early afternoon until it gets out of here. snow left back into the mountains. for us today, about the developing rain over the next
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couple hours. steady this afternoon and heavy by this evening. we will move through 57 and then continue to bump it up to 58 by midnight. if not even warmer. the winds gusting to 40 miles per hour and possible thunderstorms. 60 tomorrow morning's high temperature. and falling in the afternoon. and 40s thursday and friday. 41 with snow showers. that will put a smile on kim brown's face, right. >> reporter: the negative. the opposite. no one likes snow except for you. it's all good. it's wint and this morning we are looking at dry roads. so try to get out before the rain moves in and really affects the morning rush. no problems here in anne arundel county. 9# at route 100. no problems south on 50 northbound look good making your way towards beltway. we are incident free. we don't have problems around the area. but you are going see some building volume southbound 95 from white marsh boulevard towards 895 split. approaching the fort mchenry toll plaza, building volume on the bw parkway heading towards
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495. now back to you. >> thank you. 17 minutes after six right now. and in health news this morning, if your child has a serious food allergy, you know how important it is that everybody in his or her life is aware of the condition. new guidelines have been published to help doctors and school administrators manage all the food allergies inside a school. >> reporter: food allergies can be be deadly. according to a report in this week's journal of pediatrics, it is estimated that one in 25 school children have some form of allergic reaction to food that could put them in the hospital. studies over the years indicated 16 to 18% of the children have had a severe reaction in their classrooms. now the journal has published a new clinical report entitled management of food allergy in the school setting. designed to give guidance on managing food allergies at school. guidelines are set up for pediatricians, but can be passed down to teachers, parents and
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students. the report includes guidelines for doctors on how to look for life-threatening food allergies in kids and prescribing self-injecting medical devices used to deliver a measured dose of adrenaline to treat onset of shock. should children eat something thr allergic too. guidelines help children learn,000 store and use the medication in a responsible manner. and explains how to work with families, schools and students in developing written plans to reduce the risk of alearning rice actions and to put into place emergency guidelines should a child have a serious reaction. for today's health minute, i am nine nanette sosa. if you are counting points for weight wafters -- watchers, for the first time in more than a decade, the company is changeed the program. it's adding points for fat content and reducing points for fiber. weight watchers says it's not just about the cal list but where they are coming from. here's the great part.
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all fruits and vegetables will be zero points. it is one of the it list to make every year. >> coming, some of the most fascinating people. you would be on my list. it's revealed. and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief after a alleged wisconsin hostage crisis comes to an end. you will be surprised who police say is behind the whole thing. ♪
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after coming under fire from consim advocates, the can dashian sisters are severing ties with a prepaid debt card company according to connecticut's attorney general. the kardashian card kard, came full of fees. check this out. raging from almost 100 dollars just to 1.50 to speak to a live operator if you have a question. if you haveway, it cost a buck 50 in addition to all the monthly fees and transaction charges even canceling the card
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will run 6 bucks. the lawyers told the card company they are terminating agreement effective immediately. just in time for the holidays a. wax figure at madam tussaud's wax museum in hollywood. gemmy stewart's role from it's a wonderful life. george bealy was unveiled. his daughter in the money is all grown up now. no pedal in his pocket. she helped cut the ribbon on the exhibit a student from a local elementary school was there singing to welcome people to the new exhibit. >> and the envelope, please. megan i am going to need you to weigh in on this. the academy of arts and sciences announced anne hathway and james franco are cohosting the 38rd academy awards on february 27th. not the team you expect. >> they are tal bented -- talent but i don't know alec baldwin and steven martin is hard to follow. >> you can't follow them. they are arconic legends and
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they were funny together. wondering what franco and hathaway may have to offer. all right. question for you. what do princess to be kate middleton and snooki have in common. >> useful celebrities. >> they are both one of hollywood's hottest list. they are talk show barbara walletters is going to be revealing -- walters is going to be revealing the most fascinating people on the jeer and they are on the list. also justin bieber. >> i celebrate our catalog. >> jennifer lopez and names released sarah palin is on the list for the third time. all ten of walters most fascinating people will be featured on her annual tv special which airs next thursday december 9th. all right. snooki most fascinating people on list. >> they know how to make money. >> okay. so remember for thanksgiving we asked do you've favorite family recipe? and now it worked so well, we want your holiday recipes, too. >> we are talking about
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everything from cookies, candies, soups, salad and we might need a stuffing or turkey or ham for the holiday dinner. what recipe are you wanting to pull out this holiday season we want you to come on our show, "food morning, maryland" at nine and share the recipes and whip them up in the kitchen. >> send them to the emmett-meal address which is morning show at you have until friday so herry and get recipes in. and don't forget all the contact information, too. and then basically we will invite you to come cook on our show. we have a set already to go with the kitchen and you can get to work and we will eat your food and left everybody know how it is. with the thanks giving ones, people said they were delicious. >> yeah. had great response from people that sent the sweet potatoe casserole and they loved it. >> delicious. >> from rockefeller center to your living room. the holiday season is growing closer and closer. >> it is. and the nation's capital is getting in the mood as well. the capital christmas tree arrives in washington, d.c.
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plus... >> reporter: unemployment benefits are set to run out today. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, some folks may a -- make a plea for congress for help.
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from now "good morning, maryland." unemployment benefits could be running out for some. hear the plea t


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